Production Monitoring – A retrofit

Machine monitoring solution

Today, we are at a new age in factory automation and management. Many devices and systems are being developed that can provide high-quality information about the manufacturing environment.Production monitoring is one such information that plays a crucial role which helps the manufacturer to make the right decisions at the right time.

Production and operational data were previously obtained manually, either by machine operators or by engineers walking the plant floor. But these manually collected information may be misleading in terms of both time and root cause. As a result, when production managers start preparing reports based on this data, they make inaccurate decisions, which has an impact on the quality and the cost of the products being produced.

Identifying this inefficiency in the industry, HEIMER Industry 4.0 has come up with a solution to overcome this issue. HEIMER makes Connected machine monitoring devices which are capable of continuously capturing the various machine sensor data in the manufacturing plant. This valuable data then stored in the HEIMER cloud platform for useful real-time analysis and decision making for future.

With HEIMER machine monitoring solution, it is easy to track the production volume, production speed, etc details of the machines. These devices come with the sensor options of digital inputs for counters & alarm, analog inputs and temperature inputs.

The real time data from the HEIMER Industry 4.0 cloud platform gives the required information about the machines instantly, while the historical data saved in the cloud will be useful for any necessary analysis. The dashboards, time series data and the graphical reports of the platform ensures the smooth analytics and the monitoring of the machines. Also, from the convenience point of view, the devices are easy to install and act as standalone devices in industrial settings.

In short, with its tremendous advantages, HEIMER is undeniably a company’s productivity improver. Undoubtedly, implementing the HEIMER system makes it easy for any company to achieve its goal in time and get the desired output.


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