IoT for Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

IoT for Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

Industrial manufacturing organisations have been challenged for many years in terms of how to operate more efficiently.Organizations have faced the challenge of relocating or making substantial efficiency gains in their own plants as a result of competition from rivals with manufacturing capacities in markets, where labor costs are lower. But today, with the growth of technology, IoT is fundamentally changing the way we do business.

Through linking machines and sensors to the internet, we are entering an era in which data analytics, networking, and automation are enabling previously unattainable technologies and development. With the assistance of IoT, factories all over the world have started producing and distributing facilities in a technologically different way.

The hallmarks of these modern internet-based technology would be ease of installation, reduced cost, improved data accuracy and volume, as well as remote control and tracking at your fingertips.

Heimer with the aim of helping the Industrial manufacturers, to gain greater visibility and insights into their operations through the efficient utilisation of data provides IoT solutions via variety IoT devices and cutting edge cloud platform.These IoT devices come with the variety of sensor options of like, digital inputs for counters & alarm, analog inputs and temperature input, while the Industry 4.0 cloud platform gives insightful information like machine status,production speed, production volume and more from the real time data obtained from these sensor devices.

The platform’s dashboards, time series results, and graphical reports ensure that system analytics and tracking run smoothly. Furthermore, the machines are simple to mount and operate as stand-alone systems in industrial environments, which adds to their convenience.


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