Getting Started with WiFi Nodes

Machine Monitoring Solution

HEIMER provides simple end nodes for industrial applications, where WiFi connectivity is available. Devices are capable of configuring WiFi connection settings by connecting to the temporary access point on end node.
Once the the device establish a successful connecting with WiFi network. The device can be configured remotely over HERIMER portal.

Connecting to WiFI access point

  1. Power down the device
  2. Press and hold the reset button
  3. Power up the device wile the reset button is pressed
  4. Wait for the Status LED to shuffle though, R > G > B three times

  5. Scan for WiFi devices on the mobile device
  6. Connect to the WiFi device starting from MCB610

After successful connection to the WiFi Access point the device Status LED starts glowing Green.

For connecting the device to monitoring services, refer to the Getting Started with HEIMER Portal

For technical assistance contact us on:
[email protected]

  1. A popup page should appear once you successfully connect to the device.
    If the popup does not appear, manually log into via web browser

8 In the configuration page Select CONFIGURE WiFi

  1. Select the WiFi access point name that the device should connect to and enter the password of the
    access point.
  2. Click Save

Thank you for the interest in HEIMER IoT Solutions.


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  1. I may need your help. I’ve been doing research on gate io recently, and I’ve tried a lot of different things. Later, I read your article, and I think your way of writing has given me some innovative ideas, thank you very much.

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