Industrial IoT ; Edge connectivity

Monitor & Visualize data from any asset

HEIMER : Cloud Edge

Real-time data

Analytics Platform

Historical Data

Report generation


Machine monitoring dashboard
Time Series Data

Stream and analyze faster than competitive services. Cloud Edge used time series database to keep running data. The data can be recorded from milliseconds intervals for cases where higher data rates are required.

While providing faster data streaming, time series databases consumes less storage space.

Machine performance monitoring
Graphical reporting

Entire asset utilization in one window ; Live

Graphical representation of asset utilization. This visual stream of data is actionable intelligence delivered to your operational team the moment it’s captured, allowing them to immediately identify and resolve any issue on the spot.

Machine monitoring dashbaord

Need Consultation

Historical data

Not just browse; Analyse the history.

Select the time ranges for analytical  dashboards. See what history says, Multiple quick selection ranges and customized time ranges compare data.

Machine operation history
Simplified Intergration
Cloud and Local Servers

HEIMER offers both cloud and local server facilities to store your data securely. We have set everything from edge devices, gateways to servers in a complete package. For 10 machines or 1000 machines, we support them all under one platform.


Multiple connectivity options

Edge devices designed for versatility; GSM connected devices lets you run the system; with zero change in the IT infrastructure. Or LoRa WAN / WiFi devices available. Whatever the communication option; we have made it a no compromise solution.

3rd Party intergrations

We never missed expandability; We support 3rd party intergrations with our IoT platform. You can connect the data streams with your own apps or any sort of cloud service. We have experiance engineers to assist you with your project

Centralized Device Management

Simplified managebility of IoT Edge devices is a key feature of the HEIMER platform. You can view status of the devices through the management interface, including connectivity, signal strength.


Add devices without hassle.

Define I/O Configuration remotely.

Group devices


Edit parameters remotely.

Allows changing node names.

Data feed parameters


Diagnose end devices remotely.

IoT Device management

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with HEIMER Edge devices