HEIMER STM Series modules provide  data acquisition from sensors  and connectivity to the HEIMER monitoring and analytics services over WiFi.
The device can be configured by the user via HEIMER portal.
Support secured MQTT communication which makes them compatible with 3rd party services like Azure and AWS.

Weight transmitter module

  • K Type Thermocouple x 2

2.5Ghz WiFi wireless connectivity



Temperature monitoring

Product Specifications

  • 12 ~ 24 V DC input power
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Combined Dashboard for all channels
  • Wall mount / Pole mount

Data acquisition channels

2 x K Type Thermocouple


Pre-designed dashboard showing the data in the standard package. Premium user accounts can request customized dashboard and access to MQTT feed.

The data feed can be calibrated via HEIMER portal.

Visit HEIMER portal  for setup guide

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