HEIMER IoT Platform

Pricing and Plans

HEIMER IoT Platform provides connectivity to its devices to the real world. Services will be provided as a complete solution fulfilling all the aspects of IoT. 
Services :

  • MQTT Broker
  • Cloud Servers
  • Data storage
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts
  • API access for 3rd party integration
HEIMER IoT Devices

Features & Prices




Free2.1 USD/ device/ month6.2 USD/ device/ month
Default Monitoring DashboardDefault Monitoring DashboardCustomized monitoring dashboard
1 Dashboard per device1 Dashboard per deviceUnlimited dashboards
One user loginOne user loginMultiple user logins
E-mail alerts to one recipientE-mail alerts up to 10 recipientsE-mail alerts up to 10 recipients
General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral Support
 Technical Support – within 24h responseTechnical Support – 2 hours response

Benefit FREE Cloud services and dashboards

with HEIMER Edge devices

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