Machine and Production Monitoring Devices

HEIMER Machine monitoring device

Need of machine and production monitoring

Data on production and operations was formerly collected manually on the factory floor, either by machine operators or engineers. This manually collected data, however, may be erroneous in terms of both time and root cause. Emerging technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a desire for smart factories, where machinery and equipment can self-optimize and automate operations to improve efficiency.

How does it work?

Machine monitoring systems have the hardware and software tools that are used to process the raw data that machines create. They include anything from monitoring and analysis software to industrial sensors and machine-mounted touch-screen interfaces.The data collected by the hardware device are transferred to an online storage, later where real time insights about the machine/ production  activities are obtained.

Heimer machine and production monitoring devices.

Heimer provides IIoT solutions through a variety of IoT devices and a cutting-edge cloud network, with the purpose of supporting industrial producers in getting more visibility and insights into their machine and production processes through the effective use of data.These IoT devices have a variety of sensor options, including digital inputs for counters and alarms, analog inputs, and temperature inputs.The Industry 4.0 cloud platform uses real-time data from these sensor devices to provide informative information such as system state, output speed, volume, and so on. Following are the advantages of using Heimer machine and production monitoring devices.

  • There will be no manual data entry – Data entering by hand is inefficient and error-prone. Heimer devices capture data automatically and act as a source of  truth for the whole process.
  • Greater Efficiency 
  • Simple to set up, low maintenance, and designed for use on the work floor. The system may be expanded to track an endless number of machines.
  • Instant feedback on crucial factors including total components produced, manufacturing time, and downtime.

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