How Machine & Production monitoring benefits you?

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Today, we are at a new age in factory automation and management. Many devices and systems are being developed that can provide high-quality information about the manufacturing environment. Production monitoring and machine monitoring  are such information that play a crucial role which helps the manufacturer to make the right decisions at the right time.

Previously, data on production and operations were collected manually, either by machine operators or by engineers in the factory floor. However, in terms of both time and root cause, this manually gathered data may be inaccurate.Emerging technology like IoT has resulted in a preference for smart factories, where machines and equipment can self-optimize and automate procedures to increase performance and make accurate decisions. By focusing on creating an agile, iterative production model through data collection, smart factories will support decision-making processes with better information. 

With the assistance of IoT, factories all over the world have started  to monitor their factory machines and production in a technologically different way. Smart factories increase efficiency and productivity by extending the capabilities of both computers and humans. The hallmarks of these modern internet-based machine and production monitoring would be ease of installation, reduced cost, improved data accuracy and volume, as well as remote control and tracking at your fingertips. By continually optimizing the performance of production operations, they can reduce costs, downtime, and waste.

Heimer delivers IoT solutions through a range of IoT devices and a cutting-edge cloud network with the goal of assisting industrial producers in gaining greater exposure and insights into their machine and production activities via the productive use of data. These IoT devices provide a number of sensor options, such as digital inputs for counters and alarms, analog inputs, and temperature input, and the Industry 4.0 cloud platform uses real-time data from these sensor devices to provide informative information including system state, output speed, volume,and etc

Dashboards, time series results, and graphical reporting on the cloud platform ensure that machine  and production go smoothly. Furthermore, the  Heimer IoT devices are easy to install and run as stand-alone systems in industrial settings.


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