Casey carry out following type in a relationship with Evan

Casey carry out following type in a relationship with Evan

Casey Cartwright ‘s the direct people protagonist of show. She’s the fresh new older sibling regarding Rusty Cartwright. Also being very wise, she is also very social and you will popular, in place of the girl brother. She’s an educated friend out-of Ashleigh Howard. She served given that hurry couch, promise instructor, interim chairman, and you may house-mother on Cyprus-Rhodes Universtiy part of Zeta Beta Zeta. Also during the the woman go out at the ZBZ, Casey try the little aunt of Frannie Morgan and larger cousin regarding Rebecca Logan. By the end from series, she actually is the latest spouse/ future girlfriend from Cappie, this lady first love, that’s making having him to live in Washington, D.C.


  • step one Records
  • dos Season 1
  • step 3 Year 2
  • 4 Year step three
  • 5 Seasons cuatro
  • six Relationship
  • 6.1 Members of the family
  • 6.step 1.step one Russell Sr. & Karen
  • 6.1.2 Rusty


Through the the woman freshmen year, Casey satisfied her future closest friend, Ashleigh Howard, in the washing space from the lady dorm. They chose to be hurry pals. The 2 including came across Frannie Morgan, a beneficial sophomore offering as promise instructor at the ZBZ. Inside the hurry tour, she and you will Ashleigh visited the newest ZBZ home. In the event the “doughnut try”, as Ashleigh named it, are administered, Casey told Frannie one she did not desire to be section of a great sorority that judged people on what it consumed, impressing Frannie.

Later one to nights, Casey and you may Ashleigh visited this new Kappa Tau Gamma hurry team. It’s here you to definitely she found Evan Chambers and you may Cappie. Whether or not Evan fulfilled Casey first, she was actually way more drawn to Cappie and also the a few turned a couple. She, Cappie, and you will Evan apparently spent a lot of time together with her once the she known by themselves once the about three musketeers. She together with bound ZBZ which have Ashleigh and you may turned the small aunt of Frannie. Based on Casey, she was bending into the pledging Pi Pi Pi, but Ashleigh discovered that the lady quote is a good prank and this Tri-Pi would definitely dump the woman immediately following two weeks. Ashleigh keyed the vehicle owned by Tri-Pi who delivered Casey new bogus bid.

Casey old Cappie getting six months. She a bit missing reach with Evan just after he decrease off Kappa Tau Gamma and you will transformed out over rush Omega Chi Delta. During freshmen year, Cappie endured Casey right up on All the Greek Basketball after the guy got drunk together with his KT brothers just before golf ball. Casey went to Cappie’s dorm and discovered Evan, exactly who made an effort to defense to possess Cappie but ended up informing the woman the outcome. Evan accessible to capture Casey to your ball while the family members, and that she recognized. Cappie visited the ball and you may spotted Evan slow moving that have Casey. Cappie implicated Evan regarding betraying him and you will striking on the their wife. Cappie and you can Evan found myself in a battle, but when it had been split up; Casey decided to stick with Evan to ensure he was all right. The fight between Cappie and you may Evan is actually precisely why around is actually zero All the Greek dirty tinder mature Ball in their sophomore seasons. Afterwards, Casey carry out breakup with Cappie. Centered on their, it grabbed six months to overcome Cappie.

Year step 1

Casey is actually advised of the, Frannie, that is today president away from ZBZ, you to definitely she intends to hand down this lady presidency so you can the girl just after she graduates. Frannie following informs the woman that the presidency will surely be hers in the event that she will get an effective senator’s girl to hurry to possess ZBZ. But Casey isn’t thrilled one to her more youthful sister, Rusty, is actually going to CRU. Once disregarding a few of his phone calls, Rusty goes to the latest ZBZ home to locate the lady and you may discovers that she never ever told any kind of her sorority siblings one to she got a sister. Casey says to Rusty you to she welcomes that he goes to CRU now and is prepared to sometimes get together and possess brunch to capture abreast of things. Rusty shocks the lady as he tells the girl he plans for the rushing good fraternity. Due to the fact the lady technique for helping your, Casey tells Rusty that he’s perhaps not fraternity situation.

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